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Patient Testimonials

Still unsure if chiropractic treatment is right for you? See what other patients are saying about their experience with our practice.

A letter to a friend about my Chiropractor…

 “During the past couple of weeks I’ve had to visit my chiropractor due to an episode of lower back pain, and I thought of you.  Forgive me if I’ve already asked you this, but have you ever considered a chiropractor for your lower back?  I just find it very odd that your doctors (still) aren't able to help you, or at least give you some treatment options to alleviate the pain.  While I’m the first to admit that chiropractors can't cure all back problems, they can cure most.  The trick is finding one who will tell you honestly whether they can help.  


If you're at all interested in exploring this further, let me know.  I absolutely love my chiropractor, and I’ve been a first-hand witness to the magic she spins.  A few years ago Chuck (my husband) had some episodes where the pain shooting up through his butt and back made it impossible for him to walk.  By the 3rd episode, and after having fruitlessly consulted doctors and therapists of the 'western medicine' mindset, my skeptic hubby finally gave in and went to see Dr. Jan (my chiro).  While it took some time and numerous adjustments, Chuck is today pain-free; he has not had a similar episode in over a year.  - Deborah B., Walnut Creek, CA


My body appreciates her so very much

.“I first saw Dr. Jan as a student at Life Chiropractic College West.  I was impressed with her skills and intuitive abilities immediately.  After she started practicing, I came to her and still was impressed with her work.  I left the area for a few years, and when I returned, I looked her up again.  I continue to be impressed with her work on my body.  She has not only adjusted my back, hips, legs, neck and head, but she has made my arm, hand and shoulder issues go away, and cured headaches and other aches and pains.  I have gone in bent over in pain and walked out upright without pain.

My body appreciates her so very much for being the excellent and intuitive Chiropractor she is.” - Leslie R., Concord, CA


I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Jan 

"I started seeing Dr. Jan in 2001, as a referral from a friend.  She fixed my chronic back pain that had plagued me for 10 years (even after many attempts at physical therapy through my HMO).  She also fixed a chronic numbness that I developed though my work in construction, with the use of power tools, hammers etc.  

Another saving grace was the treatment that I received post-car accident.  I was rear-ended and suffered head, neck and shoulder injuries.  I had the classic “whiplash” symptoms.  I did not even consider visiting my HMO facility; I went to Dr. Jan immediately.  After a course of several adjustments, my symptoms subsided. 

I also received treatment from Dr. Jan for a fractured pinky finger (via stupidity).  She had an x-ray taken and confirmed the facture.  She did several gentle adjustments that lessened the pain and increased the mobility. 

I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Jan.  She is a wonderful person and a fantastic chiropractor.  I have visited several others, for convenience sake (I was unable to make it to Dr. Jan), and no one measured up.  In fact, one left me in pain! 

 I live in Oakland, work in Berkeley and will continue to drive to Pleasant Hill to see her."   -  Pete S., Alameda, CA


I simply love Dr. Jan!  

"I've been seeing her for years, and I firmly believe that I rarely get sick because I receive regular adjustments. Plus, due to my workout schedule, I am sometimes afflicted with joint or muscle pain in my extremities. Recently I experienced severe pain in both of my wrists that greatly restricted movement. After just a couple of treatments by Dr. Jan, the pain was almost completely gone. She's magic! I'd highly recommend Dr. Wesdorf to anyone."
Deborah B., Walnut Creek, CA


The Best Chiropractic Care! 

"Dr. Jan is truly a gifted Chiropractor! I've had two particular incidents of serious and down right debilitating neck and headache pain. With her thorough and excellent care/adjustments she brought be me back to normal! Jan really pulls together the whole aspect of mind & body, which has helped me to be more conscious of triggers that cause flare ups. I greatly appreciate Jan's bedside manner so to is evident Jan cares for her patients beyond their adjustment. She's the type of person you want on your team for your personal care. Thanks Jan!!!!" - Tara Campbell, Walnut Creek 


"Dr Jan is a warm, caring person who provides excellent professional care. She listens to the patient and tailors the treatment accordingly. You'll walk out of the office with a smile!" - Karen J., Vallejo, CA


Dr. Jan is the best!! 

"Dr. Jan is not only a talented healer, but a warm and caring person.  I've been seeing her for years for regular adjustments (at least monthly) and for special adjustments during periods of injury, neck pain, and lumbar problems.  I just tell her what is going on with me (physically and psychologically) and she customizes her adjustments and makes room in her schedule to accommodate me.  Dr. Jan is a key player on my personal health team because she is gifted and because she cares so much.  I recommend Dr. Jan to all my friends who complain of aches, pain or stress.  She is always looking to improve her care and to learn about new healing ways.  Her chiropractic knowledge is amazing and her curiosity and true concern for her patients keep her on the cutting edge.  I consider myself lucky to be her patient!"  Lynn P.  Walnut Creek


Wesdorf Chiropractic is very professional. 

"It is a friendly and pleasant place to come, and you have a great helping attitude.  You and your Dad are very professional and you know your stuff.  When you find a problem, you don't stop until you find a solution.  You explain what you are doing and why, and I have learned a lot from you both."  Jim. C., Walnut Creek


Dr. Jan is such a talented professional. 

"I have been treated with other professionals, but Dr. Jan went beyond my expectations. I would more than refer her professionalism to anyone. She is talented in her profession and skills."  Wilson Gonzaga, Jr., Walnut Creek





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