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The True Master Mind, as I see it.

By Jan Wesdorf


I’ve written this to summarize the True Master Mind as I understand it.  I’m starting with what it is and how it works, I then follow with additional details that I found important.  I highly recommend that all interested parties read the full explanation as written by the author found in Lesson One ~ The Master Mind, and Lesson Two ~ A Definite Chief Aim.


What it is:

As stated by Napoleon Hill in his book The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons, the true Master Mind is the creation of a positive atmosphere by the coming together of two or more people in a spirit of harmony.  The Master Mind is developed by a friendly alliance, in a spirit of harmony of purpose.  Out of this harmonious blending, the chemistry of the mind creates a third mind, a mind which grows out of the coordination of two or more minds IN A SPIRIT OF PERFECT HARMONY, and which may be appropriated and used by one or all of the individual minds.  This Master Mind will remain available as long as the friendly harmonious alliance between the individual minds exists. 


How it works:

Decide what your Definitive Chief Aim in this particular Master Mind group shall be.

Write out a clear concise statement of this Aim.

Write out a statement of the plan or plans through which you intend to attain the object of your Aim.

Form an alliance with a person or persons who will support you in carrying out these plans and transforming your Definitive Chief Aim into reality.

The purpose of this friendly alliance is to employ the law of the Master Mind in support of your plans.  The alliance should be made between yourself and those who have your highest and best interest at heart, and will provide friendly encouragement and help when you need it.  The group may consist of any number from two upward, and best results appear to be from a blending of six or seven minds.  [If you are married, you and your spouse should be one of your MasterMind groups, providing there exists between you a normal state of confidence and sympathy.] 


Those who join you in the formation of your Master Mind shall sign, with you, your statement of your Definitive Chief Aim.  Every member of your alliance shall be fully acquainted with the nature of the object of your Aim, in hearty accord with this object, and in full sympathy with you.

Each member of your alliance shall be supplied with your statement of your Definitive Chief Aim.  [It is strongly recommended to keep your Definitive Chief Aim to yourself outside the group to avoid nay-sayers]

At least once every 24 hours make the object of your Definitive Chief Aim the focus of your prayer/meditation.  Also, ask each member to include the objects of this alliance as a part of their daily prayer/meditation.

This is one of the most essential rules that must be followed.  Arrange with one or all of the members of your friendly alliance to state to you, at least once daily (more if possible), this affirmation, in the most positive and definitive terms at their command that THEY KNOW YOU CAN AND WILL REALIZE THE OBJECT OF YOUR DEFINITIVE CHIEF AIM.


These steps must be followed persistently, in full faith that they will lead you where you wish to go.  It will not suffice to carry out these plans for a few days or weeks and then discontinue them.  You must follow the described procedure until you attain the object of your Definitive Chief Aim, regardless of the time required!  Success is defined as “the attainment of your Definitive Chief Aim without violating the rights of other people”.


The author also mentions the use of a weekly meeting, for the purpose of stimulating and recharging the members’ minds, through contact with the other vital minds of the alliance.  “The most successful sales organizations and sales forces meet once a week for the purpose of merging the individual minds into a Master Mind which will, for a limited number of days, serve as a stimulus to each of the individual minds and recharge one another.”  The weekly meeting begins with a blending of the individuals minds until the minds have been “aroused and warmed” with the spirit of perfect harmony of purpose.  Typically 10-20 minutes is the time required, after a spiritualistic group is formed, to become harmonized or blended.


It is a matter of general knowledge that some of the most successful Master Mind alliances were in the habit of going away together once a year for a period of rest, meditation, and recuperation.


From time to time it may become necessary to change the plans you have adopted for the achievement of the object of your Definitive Chief Aim.  Make these changes without hesitation; no one has sufficient foresight to build plans which need no alteration or change. 


If any member of your friendly alliance loses faith in the law of the True Master Mind, immediately remove that member and replace him or her with another person that can adapt more loyally and enthusiastically to the spirit and object of the alliance.  The third mind, known as the Master Mind, will disintegrate and all evidence of its existence will disappear the moment the alliance is broken or divergent roads of interest develop.  It is true that some minds will not blend in a spirit of harmony with the others in the group, but will be compatible with another alliance altogether.  If you fail, either temporarily or permanently, in the application of this law, it will be for the reason that some member of your alliance did not enter into the spirit of the alliance with faith, loyalty and sincerity of purpose.  HARMONY MUST BE MAINTAINED!


“The True Master Mind is a mind that is developed through the harmonious co-operation of two or more people who ally themselves for the purpose of accomplishing any given task.”


“When two or more people co-ordinate their minds in perfect harmony and produce the effect of a Master Mind, each person in the group becomes vested with the power to contact and gather knowledge through the sub-conscious minds of all the others in the group, having the effect of stimulating the mind to a higher rate of vibration and evidenced by a more vivid imagination and a heightened sixth sense.  It is through this sixth sense that new ideas will ‘flash’ into the mind.”


Every mind (or brain) is directly connected to every other mind by means of the ether.  Every thought released by any brain may be instantly picked up and interpreted by any other that is “en rapport” with the sending brain.


The author suggests that one should be teaching this law to those in whom one is most interested, as it is a well known fact that the more one tries to teach a subject the more they learn about that subject.  He also references a group that meets for the purpose of discussing the ways and means of applying the principles of this course, The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons.




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