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Meditation has been the number one tool I have used to improve my life and grow spiritually.  It brings me peace, connects me to God, calms me, and allows me to have the "Eyes to See and the Ears to Hear" as my mentor Betty Bethards used to say. 

The purpose of meditation is to quiet your mind, bring you into the present, and reconnect your body/mind/spirit.  A 20 minute meditation brings you these benefits for the other 23 hours and 40 minutes of the day.  It can be easy when you find the method that works best for you.  It can be as simple as a single deep cleansing breath, 20 minutes of rocking in a rocking chair, or a moment of being in the present.

There are two key elements to make the most of your meditative experience.  The first is to incorporate deep breathing into whatever technique you choose ~ this is one of the best ways of becoming present in the Now (present time consciousness), a very important point of this exercise.  The second is to do it consistently, every single day ~ even beginning with 1 minute a day of deep breathing and adding to it over time, you will set up a fabulous life time habit.

Below is the meditation that I learned over 15 years ago, and I still use it today.  It is simple and does not require you to "empty your mind of all thoughts", which most people get hung up on ~ it gives you a way to simply focus your attention on one thought, and by bringing your mind to a single point you will clear out the extraneous thinking and become at peace.

Meditate daily for 6 weeks and you will see your life change.  Make meditation a part of every day and your life will change forever!!




This technique requires about 20 minutes a day.  It is best to meditate when you are alert, rather than after a big meal or when you are tired.  There are two parts to the total process, 10 minutes each.  The first is concentration, a directed mental effort that precedes meditation.  Concentration quiets the mind and consciously focuses it on something.  The second part is meditation, during which you relax your mental focus and allow free-flowing reception of thoughts and energy. 

In order to help you concentrate it is recommended that you make a music tape/CD of your favorite songs by your favorite artists.  Choose some soft, soothing music.  This tape/CD should be about 20 minutes long (which is equal to approximately 6 songs).  Create a change in the recording that will indicate completion of the first 10 minutes by a difference in artist or type of music (ex: first 3 songs by one artist, the last 3 by another).  Songs with lyrics are best to use initially because you can mentally sing along allowing your mind to come to a single point of focus.  As you become more comfortable with the process you may find music without words even more soothing.

You will want to find a time and place that is quiet and where you will not be disturbed, as loud noises can be quite jolting.  You may find early morning best as it can heighten your energy at the beginning of your day, or sometime in the evening before going to bed can help you clear out the clutter from the day.  Anytime is better than no time, so whatever time suits your personal schedule is the time that is best for you.

Before you begin, you may want to spend a few minutes reading something inspirational, such as poetry or religious writings.  This can help you tune out your everyday concerns and get ready to meditate. 

This meditation technique may be summarized in 7 steps:

1.    Sit in an upright chair with spine straight, shoulders back, and feet flat on the floor.  Fold your hands together in your lap so that they are touching and close your eyes. (If your back hurts when you sit upright for long or short periods you probably need an adjustment, call today!)

2.    Take three slow deep breathes and feel yourself relaxing.  Imagine a balloon of white light surrounding and protecting you.

3.    For the first 10 minutes concentrate on the lyrics of the song, or a single idea, picture, or word.  Select something that suggests peace, beauty, or a spiritual ideal.  Deep breathing and focusing on your breath or heart beat can be good points of concentration that further connect your mind and body.

4.    Gently bring your mind back to your focal point when it strays from your object of concentration.  Surprisingly soon you will find your ability to discipline the mind growing stronger.  Do not get discouraged, as it takes 20 years to completely still the mind for 20 minutes.  This meditation works in spite of us.

5.    After 10 minutes separate your hands and turn them palms up in your lap.

6.    Relax your hold on the concentration object.  You may continue to mentally sing along with your music or let yourself drift.  Now, if your mind does wander, allow it to do so and see what comes up.  Be relaxed yet alert for the final 10 minutes.  Observe any thoughts and images as they pass by, and remain still, detached, and flow with whatever you are experiencing.

7.    At the end of the second ten minute period your energy will be at its highest point.  This is a perfect time to do your affirmations and visualizations (described below).  Mentally affirm each one three times, see them, feel them, and affirm them assertively.  Now close your hands into a fist and imagine a balloon of white light a block around you, above, below and all around.  Hold this vision until you really feel it (could be as little as 3 seconds or as much as 3 minutes), then open your eyes.



After you begin meditating, endeavor to watch your thoughts, words, and actions throughout the days following.  Meditation can help us to be more fully involved in life because we can watch how we set up our experiences.  The real benefits you will see from meditating are not necessarily during the 20 minutes, but the other 23 hours and 40 minutes of the day.  Sometimes the changes are dramatic and sometimes they are subtle, but meditation does change your life because it changes you.


The following are examples of affirmations that you can use at the end of your meditation.  It is best to repeat them 3 times assertively, either before bedtime and/or just before beginning the closing down process of your meditation.  There are two widely accepted formats for both affirmations and visualizations.  The first is to be as specific as you can, imagine as many details as possible, engaging all of the five senses.  The second format is to be more general and allow the Universe/God to bring you the best version of what it is you are desiring.  With this you will want to be focused on the "essence" of what it is that you want.  For example, if you want a new house, instead of picturing a 1 story, ranch style, 2000 sq ft house, you would imagine the feeling it gives you, the spacious, welcoming, and warm feeling.

Both formats are powerful.  Keep in mind with the first to not limit yourself to only the details that you think are "realistic", that is limiting God.  And with the second, be open to what shows up because it will probably not look like what you were anticipating, it is always better.

Here are some affirmation examples for you, use these or make up your own, remembering that they must be stated positively, they must be in the present, and they must be as if they have already happened.  Do not use "wanting", say intending or having.  You can use more than one at a time, just be sure to completely focus on each one before moving on the next. 

o     My perfect career is manifesting in my life now!

o     My perfect partner is manifesting in my life now!

o     My perfect new Mustang convertible is manifesting in my life now!

o     Divine Love and Divine Order is manifesting in my life now!

o     I begin and end the day with high energy!

o     Money is coming to me easily and frequently!

o     My perfect new home is manifesting in my life now!

o     I awake with high energy, my day goes smoothly, and I end the day with high energy!

o     My mind is alert, my heart is receptive, I am changing to create the best me ever!

o     I am open to receiving and being in the flow of all good things into my life…including satisfying relationships, meaningful work, inspired learning, abundant resources and opportunities, excellent health, laughter and creativity, and a prevailing sense of ease.




The 17 second process: Keeping a pure positive thought in your mind for 17 seconds will propel you forward into your dreams very quickly.  If, when doing this process you begin to have thoughts of doubt or worry or fear you must begin again.  Holding this thought for 17 seconds may take you 30 minutes or more.  Once you have been able to keep that thought for 17 seconds double it, then double it again.  At 68 seconds of pure positive thought you have created huge momentum toward your every desire.


Recommended Books:

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    Be Your Own Guru


From the Universe

When it comes to setting aside a little time each day to meditate, look at it like this:  No matter how distracted you become, or how confused you are about the process, the simple fact that you gave yourself this time and attention means you did it correctly, you did it long enough, and that by the time you opened your eyes, huge wheels began turning…HUGE!



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