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What is a Law of Attraction Practice?

Wesdorf Chiropractic is a Law of Attraction Practice.  This means that our focus is not only on your body but your whole being, body~mind~spirit.  An example of this is how your body responds to stress.  You may have a stressful thought, which translates into a stressful feeling like frustration or anger or worry or fear, and that is transfered to your body as resistance which sets you up for disease.  Your blood pressure increases, your muscles tighten, your adrenals glands become fatigued, etc., all this because of a thought.


We address this, not using therapy or counceling, but simple awareness and recommendations so that you can choose your thoughts differently in the future.  Here is more about the concept of the Law of Attraction...


The Law of Attraction


The Law of Attraction has come out into the open over the past couple of years due to the popularity of the movie The Secret.  It put a name to something that all of us have been doing all our life, creating our reality through our thoughts.  If you didn't know you were doing it, you were creating by default and living your life in response to what came your way.  If you did know, then the movie put a name to something that you already new was true.  Either way, all of us are subject to this law, as much as we are subject to the Law of Gravity.  It is absolute, every time, no exceptions.

Using the Law of Attraction in conjunction with Chiropractic is what we do at Wesdorf Chiropractic.  We know that 95% off all physical problems (whether it's aches and pains or high blood pressure or cancer) start under the influence of Stress causing resistance in the body.  The majority of stress comes from a mental/emotional source.  Although we do not offer "Therapy", we do help make you aware of how the chronic thoughts that you think and how you are responding to your world is what is manifesting itself physically.  Do you remember the last time you felt stressed?  Your body most likely felt tight and stiff, this is resistance.  It tenses up your muscles, restricts blood flow, raises blood pressure, and causes long term damage to your health (we call this dis-ease).  If all we did was adjust the spine, we would be offering a physical solution for a physical problem, and that is good.  But if we acknowledge the cause of the physical symptom, we can offer an opportunity for complete recovery and sustained wellness that would otherwise be unable to be achieved, and that is great!  This is what sets us apart from other Chiropractic offices.

For more information about the Law of Attraction please see the suggested reading list below.



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